Secure your home and family

 Cayman used to be viewed as a quiet escape from the world out there – a little piece of paradise where you could walk around at night without looking over your shoulder and leave your front door open to let in the tropical breezes. Not any more. The recent spate of robberies and burglaries has caused many people to reconsider how secure their homes are.

Securing your home, belongings and loved ones can rely on a number of factors – the utilising of existing security features, the addition of improved security, as well as simple lifestyle adjustments.

One of the first security elements for any home is a fence for the yard.

“Fencing is one of the most popular modes of security, not just for property but for children playing or to provide boundaries for pets,” says Dara Peira of Massive Group.

Fences 46 inches and lower do not require planning permission, but there may be strata laws governing fences, so check before installing.

Proper exterior lighting is a very important safety feature. Not only does it make it more difficult for criminals to hide, it makes walking around outside safer, lessening the chances of slips and falls.

Although lush tropical vegetation may be attractive, it can also provide a hiding place for criminals. Keeping a clear area around the home can make it harder for criminals to lie in waiting.

Locks and latches
All windows and doors come with some form of lock or latch. The best way to keep criminals out of your home it to use these locks or latches, as access through an open door or window is one of the most common ways for criminals to get into a home. However, upgrading the locks on doors is a good investment, as it could make a home just a little safer.

Sliding doors
Sliding doors are great for letting in the tropical breezes, but can also be a weak link in home security. Most do not come with a lock, merely a latch. If the doors and rails are not in good condition, access can be as easy as lifting them off their tracks.

Installing a lock in the door can improve security, as can something as simple as placing a wooden dowel in the track of the door, allowing it to be opened only a couple of inches.

Security systems
Installing a home security system can serve a number of purposes. The mere placement of a sticker announcing the presence of a system can be enough to scare off some criminals, while the sounding of an alarm when the home is entered is likely to scare away anyone foolhardy enough to still try to break in. The Security Centre carries a number of such systems and can advise clients which system is best suited to their needs. The systems can automate tasks such as opening a garage doors and activating security lighting, much more than just setting off an alarm.

Regardless of which security features are built into a home, they are of no use if they are not used properly. Make it a habit to check whether windows and doors are closed and locked before leaving the house and assess the surroundings when you return. Being aware of the risk eliminates a great part of it.