Top tips if your home is burglarised

 Coming home to discover your home has been burglarised can be a real shock, but this is exactly the time to get mobilised. Here are the top tips from the Cayman Islands Police Service on what to do if this happens to you.

* If you come home and find your home has been burglarised, do not assume the intruder has left the premises. If you are not sure, go outside and call the police immediately.

* Record the times you and any of the members in your household have left the premises.

* Take note on what you saw or heard in or around your house and write down as many details as possible for the police.

* Contact your neighbours to find out if they observed suspicious activity around your house. This will also help them be on their guard for possible intruders.

* Do not touch or move anything. An exception can be made if the property will pose a danger or be more damaged if it is not moved. For example, if your property is in the middle of the street and needs to be moved so it does not cause a traffic problem or is outside and needs to be covered up to protect it from rain.

* Provide identifying details of your stolen property will also help determine ownership such as serial numbers or unique markings. Detective superintendent also advises take photos of property such as electronics and one-of-kind items.

* Preventive measures: Contact your district officer to set up a neighbourhood watch. Consider getting a guard dog or setting up a closed circuit TV monitoring system.