CrossFit’s fast results

Anyone keeping abreast of the latest popular gym trends will be aware of CrossFit training which is sweeping across the world.

It was started by a former gymnast, Greg Glassman, in the Eighties but has only recently become a widespread phenomenon.

Matt and Tarasa Barnett own and run CrossFit Cayman, which is located in the Industrial Park area. The only CrossFit affliliate on the island, CrossFit Cayman focuses on high intensity workouts in its tiny, yet well equipped gym.

Athletes from many sports flex there and all hail CrossFit’s benefits. Boxing coach James Burch is a regular as is Ashley Puschman, whose main sport is rugby.

Tarasa has a host of reasons why CrossFit training works: ‘There is an approximate 25 per cent increase in fitness levels over the first month,’ she said.

‘You get results, period. We use functional exercises, moving your body the way it was designed to move.’

The gym provides a full coaching service, including nutritional guidance at no extra charge.

She stresses that CrossFit does not make women bulk up. ‘We don’t do bodybuilding or promote steroids. Physique comes with performance. Train like an athlete; look like an athlete.

‘CrossFit challenges everyone equally. We are experts at challenging national level athletes and at modifying the same workouts for our grandparents.’

CrossFit’s social aspect should not be underestimated either. Tarasa said: ‘Forget being isolated on gym machines. We work hard, and we do it together. It’s fun too. Our environment makes each workout an event. You’ve got to try it for yourself.’

For triathletes like Chuck Cobo, CrossFit, is a welcome change to the norm.

‘It is the pinnacle of fitness, and rapidly getting me in the best shape of my life with not too big of a time commitment,’ he said.

‘It’s also growing super-fast. Here’s a great measure of that. In 2005, there were 17 CrossFit gyms worldwide. Now, there are roughly 1,800, and that number continues to grow almost exponentially.’

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