High rollers surging

All season Budget was the talk of the town in local hockey.

The Beavers were unbeaten much of the year, boasted the top three scorers in the league and played with great skill.

Yet going into the playoffs the team has stumbled, allowing the MEPCO High Rollers to steal their thunder at the WestTel Arena of Kings Sports Centre.

In fact, coming into tonight’s regular season finale, the High Rollers have a chance to clinch the regular season title.

MEPCO sit 7-2 atop the WestTel Adult Roller Hockey League with a head-to-head tiebreaker advantage over Budget (who are also 7-2).

Their rise came in the last two weeks as Budget suffered both of its losses to the High Rollers. Their latest victory came last Wednesday as MEPCO took out the Beavers 10-6.

Chris Creighton emerged as an unlikely star for MEPCO with three goals and three assists. Chipping in was Wolfgang Brocklebank, who had been relatively quiet on the stats sheet, with his three goals and one assist.

Budget managed only 20 shots on goal but saw production from star players Mark Missal, who had four goals and one assist, and Chris Moser with his three goals and one assist.

Maybe the most telling stat of the night was star scorer Tim MacDonald, who is the league leader in goals (36) and points (49), produced just one assist.

All the Rollers have to do to secure their epic turnaround is defeat the 2-7 Cayman Destination Management Services team at 9pm tonight.

CDMS have slipped into the cellar after suffering a pair of tough losses last week. First the side lost 12-3 to Budget and missed their chance to stay ahead of the Elite Barracudas who beat them 7-3.

The only bright spots in both games for CDMS were Pete Holowchuck (three goals and one assist) and Ian Bridges (one goal and one assist).

If CDMS can overcome the odds and pull off the upset the only way Budget can regain bragging rights is if they take down the Barracudas first at 8pm.

The Barracudas can rattle Budget’s confidence ahead of the playoffs next Tuesday if Reilly Novak (five goals, three assists), Jeff Danter (three goals, three assists) and Jason Windsor (five goals and one assist) continue last week’s excellence.