Moser sees Beaver dominance

An overtime loss is a tough thing in team sports, including hockey.

Thus it’s understandable that the Budget Beavers are pretty down at this point after a 7-6 overtime defeat on Tuesday.

Among its hurting players is star forward Chris Moser.

‘It’s a tough loss to take and we’re trying to recover emotionally from it,’ Moser said. ‘Tuesday’s game was not so great on our part.’

Moser and his Beavers team-mates lost to the MEPCO High Rollers in game one of the Cherry Cup in the WestTel Adult Roller Hockey League.

In spite of the final outcome at the WestTel Arena at Kings, Moser was able to find some positives.

‘It was a hard-fought game that was very physical. Both teams came to play and there were a lot of great battles for the puck along the boards and in the corners. We tried our best and I’m proud of that.’

Most of the season focus has deservedly been on offensive stars Tim MacDonald, Mark Missal and Moser (who are all in the top three in scoring).

Moser however is quick to say many other guys have stepped up this year.

‘Our defensemen as a whole deserve credit. Joe Jewitt, Jamie Lyon and Rob Leadbetter all pulled double shifts on Tuesday. Our goalie Ryan Vanderwal stood his ground and made great save after great save.’

With game two of the finals on Sunday Moser is confident his Budget side can bounce back and force game three next Tuesday.

‘They got a couple of bounces their way on Tuesday and now we’re looking forward to Sunday. We feel we can come back and win the whole thing.

‘In fact we were the strongest team in the league this season, bar none. We intend to prove that the rest of the series.’