Xmas decorating using Feng Shui

 As we decorate for the holidays, it can help to keep a few basic Feng Shui principles in mind. For instance, did you know that, if you have a Santa Claus figure, it will actually generate good luck if you put it in this area of your home? Try some of these traditional tips from the ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui, and have a safe, lucky, and merry holiday!

First off  you will probably be receiving lots of presents from Santa or your loved ones. So the most important Feng Shui wisdom as you prepare your home for the holidays is to clean out the clutter to make room for the influx of gifts! Nothing slows up the energy of a home like clutter, so the more you can do now to minimize it and clear things out, the better.

To identify each area map  out your room  according to Feng Shui principles

1. First, draw a roughly square outline of your room.The wall that has the primary entrance to your room in it should be the lower line of the square.

2. Divide the square into nine equal squares, three rows of 3 squares each.

3. Start with the lowest row of squares, that describes the areas when you first walk into your room. The far left corner of the room when you first enter is the area of Knowledge. The center square relates to Career, and the right-hand square is Helpful People/Travel.

4. Now look at the central row of squares which is the middle of room.The far left square relates to Family/Health. The central square is the Tao, or Center, and the right-hand square is Creativity/Children.

5. Lastly, look at the top row of squares. The far left square relates to Wealth, the central square to Fame/Reputation, and the far right square to Relationships/Romance.

Now, if you look at the areas of your home or your main living area elementally, the placement of traditional seasonal decorations for the maximum good-luck effect makes sense. For instance:

Earth/Health: An arrangement of fresh fruit in a basket or terra cotta bowl.

Water/Career: A snow globe with an appealing scene inside.

Fire/Fame and Reputation: Candles, lights, a menorah, stars, flame-colored poinsettias, bright-berried holly.

Metal/Creativity and Children: Toys, games, ornaments or decorations made of metal.

Wood/Family: Your Christmas tree  a Nativity scene or creche.

Helpful People: Santa or St. Nicholas figures, angels, the gifts you plan to give others.

Prosperity: This is the perfect place to pile the presents you receive! Other ideas include an evergreen wreath with a dollar bill tucked inside, or a bundle of cinnamon sticks.

Relationship: Two turtledoves, mistletoe.

Knowledge, Wisdom, Skills: The Wise Men, skates, tools.

And here is a  quick fix for pointy stars in any area other than the Fame one, where they are safest to display: just put the stars inside a circle (like a halo). Apparently   that will keep the sharp points from bringing bad luck.