Today’s Editorial for December 17: It’s a parenting issue

We’ve given the ‘Crushing Violence’ event occurring at John Cumber Primary in West Bay today quite a bit of coverage.

We believe it’s an interesting idea, thought up by a number of groups and individuals who have a profound interest and concern about crime in the community.

They want to do something to nip violent behaviour in the bud at the primary school level.

We at the Caymanian Compass can only applaud the initiative and efforts of citizens who care so much about these beautiful Islands.

But it will all go for naught if some of the parents of these children do not give the same time, attention and care to their own offspring.

Video games do not cause violence in our community. Toy guns do not cause violence in our community.

Children who are neglected, who are left to their own devices, who are raised by television sets, and who join gangs to obtain the social acceptance they can’t get in their own families and schools become adults who cause violence in our community.

We have written over and over about the need for personal responsibility and collective responsibility in our society. To use the words of Premier McKeeva Bush, it’s somebody’s children who are committing these crimes.

If those children learn from an early age that violence is commonplace and that they really aren’t going to be held accountable for anything they do, then criminals this society will have in plenty.

Neglect is a powerful teacher. And it’s a lot easier than giving the time and care needed to raise a child.

So, if Cayman really wants to combat crime, our parents must focus on caring for and educating our children.

It’s a tough fight, no question. It will only be won over a long period of time; one little person at a time.

It’s up to us.