Gifts for sporting enthusiasts

 Sports items make great gifts for adults and children alike and you can also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping someone get fit or develop a sporting skill. Sports editor Ron Shillingford picks his top choices for this Christmas.
   Leather, plastic and fuzzy balls for various playing surfaces and for indoor and outdoor use. Price range; $20-$50.
   Complete decks range in price between $46-75. Decks to self assemble are a little bit pricier, $65-100. There are plenty of accessories to go with the boards, including wheels, barrings, helmets and knee pads.
   Kawasaki jet skis are the most popular model in Cayman. The three-seaters are built with adventure enthusiasts and family in mind, driven by a powerful 2 Stroke or 4 stroke engine. Expect to fork out around $14,000.
   Yoga equipment is the ideal Christmas present. There is such a wide range, including mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, ropes, backbending benches, heartblocks, calf stretchers, sandbags, blankets and books. The mats range in price from $26-50.
   Cayman’s gorgeous weather is conducive to playing tennis all year so racquets, balls, clothing, accessories, grips and sneakers are always an ideal gift.
If you are looking for stocking fillers exercise DVDS make a good choice for work outs at home. Other useful items for home exercise are resistance bands jumping ropes and pedometers.
   Have a fit and healthy holiday!
   All these gifts can be bought at: Sports supply. Tel: 949-7884  [email protected]
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   638 West Bay Rd