Spa-tacular spa treatments

 With the Christmas countdown now in full swing, gift yourself a feel good present that will have you feeling good both inside and out.
   Want to lose an inch or two to get into that LBD or get refreshed and in the party mood? With an ever growing round of social engagements ahead of you, and only so many days to get yourself physically and mentally in shape, relax a while and take a leisurely look at some of the best spa treatments around.

Contouring and Cellulite treatment – Touch of Thai
What is it: Smooth out unsightly contours and get your skin glowing with a treatment that will leave you with firm, baby soft skin.
   An invigorating frangipani full body scrub is applied to slough of dry and dead skin and help the skin better absorb the products.
   The scrub is followed by a soothing shower to clean off the organic sugar scrub.
   Once back on the massage table the therapist applies a generous amount of slimming product all over your body and turns on the radio frequency diathermy machine. The LavaTRON device helps increase the temperature of the skin and improve cellular function, blood circulation and enhance the extension of collagen tissues.
   Using positive and negative ions, the device provides a high-frequency current deep tissue to raise the skins temperature to between 39 and 47OC, converting electric energy into therapeutic thermal energy.
Great for: Targeting the body’s subcutaneous fat, it dissolves unwanted fatty deposits and can be specifically used to target problem areas. The treatment increases the skin’s elasticity, regenerates collagen tissues and eliminates energy sapping biological waste.
Duration: 80 minutes

Cost: one session $150 or five session full body $637.

Nice touch: Clients are encouraged to further unwind after the relaxing treatment by spending downtime reading and nibbling on fresh cherries, homemade oatmeal and raisin biscuits and bite-sized gourmet brownies in a Touch of Thai’s chill out room. Let the traffic subside and rehydrate effortlessly with herbal tea or still or chilled lemon water.

Tel: 949-8989
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Thermal body wrap –Body Works Holistic Wellness Centre
   What is it: This treatment uses a marine and algae-based product rich in minerals and nutrients from the sea, which stimulates, enriches and rids unwanted fluid retention.  The treatment starts with a full body scrub using massage and exfoliating products to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the circulatory system.
    A warm shower to remove the marine and algae product follows to cleanse the skin and prepare it for the body wrap.  The therapist prepares the skin for the vitamin rich masque by applying a plasma gel over that acts as a stimulant and activates the nutrient-rich marine mud that is warming. 
   The combination penetrates the skin and delivers enriching minerals and antioxidants to the skin. 
   Clients are then treated to a relaxing face, head and scalp massage.
    Following a second shower marine-based lotion is absorbed into your soft and supple skin.  This is also a lymphatic massage removing fluid retention from the arms and legs pushing it towards the torso, where it can be discharged from the body.
Great for: The Thermal Body Wrap is an effective way to unwind and great start to a slimming regime.
   The first treatment boosts your system, leaving you calm and relaxed. For continued benefits, follow up with another treatment in a month’s time.
    Treatments are sold individually and are also sold in courses of five for even better and longer lasting results.
Duration: 75 minutes.

Cost: Single treatment ($125), course of five ($652.50).

Nice touch: Want to update your look and freshen up your look for the holiday season? Body Works offers a half hour, $50 MAC make up application sessions. 

Tel: 945-6485

   Vela Shape – Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa
   What is it: Vela Shape is now a popular way of ridding yourself of unsightly cellulite in as little as four treatments.
   The cellulite reduction therapy is FDA-approved and non-surgically firms and re-contours selected areas. Vela Shape uses infrared light energy, radio frequency, vacuum and massage to focus targeted body tissue that contains fat. The combination improves lymphatic drainage, boosts the metabolism of stored energy and shrinks the size of fat cells making for smoother skin surface.
   Great for: The quick and relatively pain-free reduction and elimination of cellulite over a short period of time.
   Vela Shape requires no downtime, according to therapists at Beyond Basics, who say it is one of their most popular slimming treatments.
   Patients in the FDA studies on the effectiveness of Vela Shape have all shown noticeable improvements.
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: Varies on which areas are targeted (between $95 and $450 a session).
Nice touch: Beyond Basics is Cayman’s only medical day spa. The staffing complement includes a medical electrologist clinical aestheticians and laser operators who offer a wide and diverse range of medical and non-medical treatments.

Tel: (345) 945-2737

DHA sunless tanning – Spa Esprit

   Living in a tropical paradise blessed with glorious sunshine is very different from vacationing here when it comes to getting a tan.
   The standing joke is that the palest people aren’t the tourists but Cayman’s legion of pasty-faced office workers.
   For those keen to ‘go for the glow,’ without the danger posed by excessive sun exposure or unhealthy tanning beds, Spa Esprit’s sunless tanning system is a safe and effective alternative.
   The full body spray-on tan, made from the natural aloe, contains natural elastin and collagen. The treatment activates the body’s melanin reserves to give you a healthy honeyed hue.
   The DHA sunless tanning treatment is one of the spa’s most popular services, especially on the run up to the festive season, when all eyes are on you.
   The appearance enhancing process involves stepping into a tent to have a light and soothing mist sprayed on. The treatment is left to develop on the skin for 12 hours. Clients should refrain from engaging in sporting activities during the 12-hour period. It triggers the melanin to produce a natural, streak-free tan that lasts for up to a week.
Good for: Anyone who is on a super-tight schedule and wants a healthy, practically effortless tan.
Duration: 15 minutes

Cost: $50
Nice touch: Spa Esprit is giving away small goodie bags filled with Opi moisturisers with product purchases over the festive season. The spa’s loyalty card rewards clients with a free Opi nail polish when you buy nine.

Tel: 945-4334
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