Help keep our Island clean

It was so pleasing to see the outstanding street cleanup programme public works did this year.

I recognised many Caymanian faces out there doing their part, cutting and raking. Someone even had vision enough to clear the bush, which obstructed the view of Megabay-pond. What a beautiful sight now.

I know these men and women involved in the clean up was proud to see their work finished.

As I drove out this morning along Frank-Sound Road, what a disappointment to see the side of the road littered with every sort of debris. I saw beer bottles, soda bottles, food containers, what a mess.

After all that effort to clean-up for the holidays I could not believe my eyes. It seems that some people do not like to see a clean place, or they are used to living with trash all around.

How hard is it to take the trash home and dispose of it properly?

Cayman is our home, whether you were born here or adopted, Cayman is your place of residence; please, let’s keep it clean.
Stop throwing trash from your cars. Keep a plastic bag in the glove compartment and use it to put the trash in, and put your trash where it belongs; in a bin.

John Levy