Dogs need Christmas homes

A dog is not just for Christmas, but this year the Humane Society is hoping people will take a dog home for the holidays’.

dogs need help


Eleven dogs at the shelter this festive season need temporary homes while they recover from heartworm.

‘For this Christmas, we are asking the community to open their homes and hearts and give one of our shelter animals a home for the holidays,’ said Twila Escalante, shelter liaison at the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

The dogs, Super, Mindy, Brownie, Gordon, Tu-Pak, Peaches, Penny, Buck, Butter, Bella and Norberta, all need heartworm treatment and a caring home for the duration of the treatment, which lasts three months.

Ms Escalante said the Humane Society would sponsor the cost of the treatment, follow-up treatments with a vet, food and dog bowls, if needed.

‘These dogs are all full-grown and are of a very calm temperament,’ she said.

Heartworm in dogs is a non-contagious heart disease that is spread by mosquitoes. Dogs being treated for heartworm are required to be inactive for several weeks and need to recover in a quiet environment.

The shelter also has some older dogs that need permanent homes – Zeke, Shilo, Ronnie, Ruth and Raj, all of which are healthy and fully grown.

‘Many of them come from homes and are house-trained or can be easily re-trained. They will not chew like puppies and just want to give you lots of love and attention in return for giving them a home,’ said Ms Escalante.

She said the dogs can be visited at the shelter on North Sound Way or call 949-1461 for further information.

‘If you are able to give an animal special care, we offer foster care for kittens, puppies, adult cats and dogs too. Many animals are recovering from surgery or have an illnesses and just a quiet place to recover.

‘Occasionally, we do receive a litter of very young animals that need attention and special care. It would be very special if they could have a temporary home to become healthy again,’ she said.