New year resolutions

As I look back on 2009, I can honestly say it’s been an interesting year.  I accomplished two major items on my list:  Lose a lot of weight, and turn 40 without weeping.  With New Year’s Eve right around the corner I’m trying to decide on New Year’s Resolutions for 2010.

Obviously I need to continue on my fitness journey.  I actually had a brave young man tell me last week that I was “nearly on the hot list,” whatever that means.  He’s the one roaming about town with a newly missing tooth.  I also have to be better with my finances, like so many of us these days.  That plan to sell Maiden Plum chocolates never really panned out, so I’m back to the drawing board working on a dynamite recipe with Cow Itch.

Fitness and financial goals are very typical New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m thinking maybe I could focus on some outside the top ten to mix it up a bit.

Learning to cook a few really good dishes might be a start.  I make a mean macaroni and cheese out of the box, and everyone raves about my egg salad, but it seems that anything involving the words “sear,” “baste” or “roast” takes me into dangerous territory.  I recently tried to cook up three rib-eye steaks in the kitchen.  It is a testament to my legendary skills that even as the smoke alarm went off three times in a row, all roommates remained firmly in their rooms – they knew the drill.  My attempts to create something authentically resembling KFC went the way of the Dodo, but Mark the Welshman is making the most of the fryer addition to our growing list of small appliances.  Seems you can fry just about anything; a theory he’s testing to its very limits.

I should try not to lose my temper so often.  It’s not a resolution I would have considered until the fateful decorating weekend two weeks ago.  Unreliable strings of lights, sodden ground that wouldn’t grip a single stake and fighting off mosquitoes at dusk was enough to push me right over the edge.  When the elf at the top of the tree inexplicably fell to his demise without any warning after a very trying day, the cats went running from the room as I unleashed my full wrath on the four walls.  I have a great sense of humour, but can also be as impatient and as intolerant as they come.  Dear friend Lynne, well familiar with Mr. Hyde, merely walked casually off to another part of the house so I could enjoy the echo of my deafening volume alone.  Yeah…definitely need to work on the temper.

Making more of an effort to look nice when I enter the public domain would be a good idea.  I’m really not a high-maintenance kinda gal in a lot of respects, so whereas many ladies would never leave the house without primping and coiffing, I’ve happily hit the supermarket and other social high-traffic areas in baggy gym clothes wearing nary a scrap of makeup and hair in complete disarray.  I call it natural, but I’m now realizing that others might consider it Nowhere Near the Hot List.  Note to self:  Carry lipstick in purse at all times.

Getting out to participate in more diverse local activities should definitely be a contender.  People always say that there’s nothing much to do down here and that is absolute rubbish – there’s loads going on, we just don’t seek it out enough.  Cooking classes (see paragraph 4 above), kayaking, scuba diving, performances at Camana Bay, theatre, live music…there are so many daily events available on the calendar it’s a miracle we can find time to work!  It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, particularly in a place as small as this, but if we expand our horizons a bit we can learn new and exciting skills every week.  Expect to see me walking the Mastic Trail followed swiftly by a hearty bout of kite-surfing by March.  Well, April at the very latest…

Going to sleep at a decent hour for at least some nights of the week has got to be a priority.  I went to O Bar on a Monday in the past month to support a dear friend of mine who was guest bartending.  I was all that and a bag of chips that night (in my humble opinion) – sassy, fashionable, witty, gorgeous…  I was also the exact opposite when I dragged my weary carcass out of bed at the harsh beckoning of the alarm clock the next a.m.  I aged overnight, my skin was crying out for moisture and it suddenly hit me that six hours of kip does not a pretty girl make.  I’ve always been a bit of a night owl, but these days it begats a morning sloth.  I love watching TV in the evening, but the switch to Eastern Time is killing me slowly with all my shows starting 60 minutes later, taking me into the wee hours.  I need to be stronger about doing without the reruns of Frasier at midnight.

If I was to ask my friends (which I am not foolish enough to do) what they feel I should resolve to improve about myself, it would probably be to bring my Rash Decisionitis under control.  Those of you who have read my column throughout the year will be aware of my strange and wonderful acquisitions, not the least of which was the above-ground swimming pool which has now been packed away for the “winter.”  You may not know, however, of the six-inch heels I bought on a whim on a recent trip which I didn’t really try on, and which subsequently nearly crippled me on an evening out.  They look nice in the closet.

Yes, there are many resolutions we could all strive to achieve come 1 January  2010, but it’s best no to take them all on at the same time.  Now that I think about it, how can I possibly get out and experience all the island has to offer if I’m gonna resolve to go to bed early?  Hmmm…maybe I need to rethink this.  Let’s not be rash…

Happy New Year!!