Resolutions can improve our country

 The wrappings and trappings of Christmas may still be around us in our homes and offices, but we are looking the beginning of another year square in the face.

And as with any New Year, resolutions will be made with the firm resolve to stand by them.

Looking back on last year, the Observer on Sunday has some of its own resolutions it would like to see our community adopt and stick with.

We need to resolve to do something about the obesity problem in our children and in ourselves.

While the report we did in the February issue of the Observer on Sunday pointed the finger directly at Cayman Brac children, we can see obesity problems creeping in to all areas of the Cayman Islands, not just Cayman Brac.

We must all resolve to eat healthier – take a page from our forefathers’ book of eating fresh, local food and get away from so much fast food. We have a temperate climate year-round so it’s easy to have a backyard garden. Add in fish from the sea, locally grown meats and it’s easy to come up with a nutritious home cooked meals.

Our government needs to resolve to, once and for all, do something about the dreadful flooding problems on Cumber Avenue in Bodden Town. There are also homes in the rest of the Cayman Islands that we know will flood during heavy rains and storms. Those in government responsible for the continuous flooding should take action to make it stop for good.

In July the Observer on Sunday took a good hard look at mental health in the Cayman Islands and learned that there are no mental health facilities in the Cayman Islands to treat people with this malady, which is becoming more and more prevalent.

Those in charge need to resolve in the New Year to find a facility and funding for those who suffer mental illness. Sending the patients off-island is costly and worrying for family members who must stay behind.

Unfortunately this year is ending with some stark crime statistics. There was a spike in the number of domestic violence cases reported.

Police Commissioner David Baines expressed what we all feel when he said that domestic violence needs to be addressed and tackled to make sure another  generation does not  accept violence as the norm.

He also promised a zero tolerance stance on domestic violence and we’re going to resolve to keep him at his word.

We must all resolve to do all we can to help the police solve and stop the crime that plagues our tiny nation, and particularly Grand Cayman.

Mostly, resolve to have a happy and prosperous New Year.