Four years for robbery attempt

Tyrone Roswell Ebanks’ attempt to rob a pedestrian led Justice Charles Quin to impose a sentence of four years imprisonment.

Justice Quin emphasised his sentence was meant to be a deterrent ‘so people understand this sort of offence will not be tolerated.’

Ebanks had denied attempting to steal the woman’s handbag and using force to do so in an incident along West Bay Road in the early hours of 19 April 2008. He chose to be tried by judge alone.

The woman had left Calico Jack’s and was walking alone when she saw a man by a tree on the side of the road. He was wearing a Miami Dolphins football jersey with the number 13.

The man said something to her but she kept walking. He then followed and grabbed her, asking why she had ignored him.

He grabbed hold of her bag and she said no. He then punched her in the face and on her head. She screamed and a security guard came towards her from across the road, frightening away her attacker.

The police were called. They took her to hospital where she was treated for injuries, including a broken nose.

Officers then took her to the police station, where a prisoner was being brought in. The woman said he looked like the man who had attacked her and he was wearing the same shirt.

She had seen him up close during the robbery attempt and had noted his scarred cheeks. There were street lights and parking lot lights to see by.

Ebanks chose not to give evidence, relying on his statement. He agreed in his statement he was wearing a Dolphins jersey, but had no recollection of attacking anybody because he had been drinking and using drugs.

Justice Quin dismissed arguments from Defence Attorney John Furniss that the victim had only a fleeting glance of her assailant.

In passing sentence, the judge commended the victim for her courage in giving evidence. Apart from the physical pain she endured, she is now scared to go out at night and never goes out alone.