Forbes is resolved to improve

For most people the next 24 hours marks a time when goals are set for the coming year.

Among those who have their 2010 goals firmly in mind is Cayman’s foremost track star Ronald Forbes.

‘I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions per say as I rather one day resolutions,’ Forbes said. ‘For me I’m going to try to be more aware of what happened before and see where I’ve made some faults and capitalize on them.

‘For sure next year I’ll be more aware of what my body is telling me and rest. I’m out to live my life one day at a time.’

Forbes is currently in Miami, Florida where he has resumed training with his American coach.

After a less than stellar 2009 campaign, marked by injury and low finishes, Forbes is eager to get back on the track.

‘I’m getting right back to training. My coach and I are mapping out some of the meets I want to compete in. Also we’ll tune up things I need to improve and aim to execute them on the track.’

Forbes, who is a professional track and field athlete now, has his eyes set on a number of events throughout 2010.

As he states he hopes to capture some of the glory from 2008 when he stormed to the Beijing Olympics and did well in the 110m hurdles.

‘I’m trying to compete in six or seven indoor races. From there I’ll focus on the longer outdoor season. My thing is after being out injured so long I want to get back out there and simulate the 2008 season and have similar results.

‘If I do then everything will have gone pretty good for me.’

Forbes was in Cayman weeks ago spending time with family over the Christmas holidays.

He also engaged in a number of community events including a North Side awards function and represented his family at the December Cayman Motorsports Association Full Throttle drag race.

The race, starring West Bayer Dante ‘Ross’ Hydes, honoured his brother Rueben (who passed away tragically) and Marston Bodden for their contributions to local motorsports.

In addition Forbes did some light training and witnessed some of the ongoing developmental meets for next year’s Carifta Games in Cayman.