A pet for the new year? Dogs versus cats

 Are you exuberant, easy going and an extrovert? Or are you solitary, a bit aloof and quiet? Chances are the choice of your pet may reflect a bit of your personality. It is not a surprise why poets, artists and writers have a history of being cat people while movie stars, singers and those that generally have a lot to do with people choose the friendly dog. Whether or not this is true or just a generalization, there are also many other factors to keep in mind when choosing between a member of the canine or feline family.
All about Cats
1) Cats are easy to maintain. All they need is a food and water bowl, a litter box and they should be good to go. Additional items can be added at your own free choice. Some spoiled cats have cat trees, scratching posts, toys, catnip, special shampoos and grooming kits. Others simply enjoy a window view and a piece of paper rolled up and that will make their day.
2) Cats are independent. Yes, you can go to work for 8 hours straight and your cat may not miss you or at least it will not show much commotion when you leave. They can easily entertain themselves and cater to their needs on their own.
3) Cats are clean. You will not smell that typical doggy odor and they rarely have other odor problems. Your home will not smell like “cat” and if you are particularly careful in keeping the litter box clean and fresh with high quality litter, chances are, nobody would even know you share your roof with a feline.
4) Cats are lazy. Well, most are. There are some hyperactive breeds such as Bengals and Siamese, but most cats are pretty lazy pillow warmers that sleep up to 16 hours a day. No need to walk them every day to keep their energy levels low, a ball tossed about the room will suffice.
5) Cats are litter box trained. Cats do not need to be walked at 5 in the morning or at Midnight. They will do their business in their litter box and you can sleep in.
And Dogs….
1) Dogs are people pleasers. Ask a dog to sit, stay, come, roll over, give paw and your dog will work hard to make you happy. Dogs have lived for centuries with humans and it is deep in their genes their need to work to please their humans. Whether you want a dog to take on your boat or one to just walk on the beach, your canine friend will be ready to go with you and usually do so happily.
2) Dogs are social. They typically like to be around people and like to socialize with people.  Some breeds interact exceptionally well with children.  Dogs typically handle change very well, and can move often without much problem.
3) Dogs promote healthy lifestyles. Dog owners are kept healthy because dogs need to be walked. Dog owners lead a healthy lifestyle when exposed to fresh air everyday as they walk their dog vigorously in the morning. Dogs also, unlike exercise programs, ensure consistency because owners must always walk their dogs; thereby cutting off the risk of procrastinating.
4) Dogs are fun. A dog can learn many games and they can keep a family entertained. Dogs may fetch and play hide and seek. They can be enrolled in agility or obedience classes. They can learn a lot of tricks and they can go swimming in the sea and run in the sand on the beach. There are many fun activities owners can share with their dogs.
5) Dogs are loyal. Dogs are very devoted to their owners. Some have even died from the sorrow following their owner’s death. Dogs will follow their owners everywhere and will do what they can to please them. Not many humans offer the unconditional love that dogs are able to offer.
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