Free Groceries for a year

Jasmine Seymour is the lucky winner of Foster’s Food Fair IGA ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ promotion.

She won the top prize of free groceries for a year valued at CI$13,000.

Jasmine Seymour’s name was drawn live on HOT 104.1 FM at 4pm on Christmas Eve from thousands of entries Foster’s received in the two weeks before Christmas.

Foster’s Food Fair congratulates Jasmine and the thirteen other winners in Foster’s Food Fair IGA ’12 Days of Christmas’ promotion.

Foster’s Food Fair IGA also thanks major sponsors Aquafresh, Tropicana, P&G and Lucozade and our daily sponsors Listerine, Campbell’s, Ocean Spray, Pepsi, Grace Kennedy, Farmland and Gatorade for their support in the promotion.

Christmas winners are:

Day #1 – Christmas Set – Oneil Porter

Day #2 – Refrigerator – Justin Woods

Day #3 – Washer and Dryer – Carol Taylor

Day #4 – Music Set – Carole Mayer

Day #5 – Gym Set – Susan Fraser

Day #6 – Wii Set – Rebecca Elliott

Day #7 – Generator – Cachas Stewart

Day #8 – Camera – Clinton Whittaker

Day #9 – Television – Faith Gealey

Day #10 – Laptop – Wilson Galate

Day #11 – Kitchen Set – Ana Ebanks

Day #12 – Ipod Set – Dawn James

Runner-Up Prize – Free Groceries for ½ a Year – Wendy Leslie