Expect TV outages

WestStar TV customers can expect
intermittent outages on their sets Wednesday when the main antenna is upgraded.

The antenna is on the tower at
Television Centre in George Town.

Director of Operations, Traci
Bradley explains, “We strive to provide our customers with the best service
possible and this new antenna will help us fulfil that goal.”

Only about half of the channels
will be affected as the antenna is only one of the two used for broadcasting
signals to the Island.

“The work needs to be done during
the day so that the engineers have proper light, but we do want to minimize any
inconvenience to customers at the same time. Therefore, we have scheduled the
work to be completed between 8 and 5 so that we don’t interrupt Daybreak, News27
at 6 or any evening programming when most of our customers are watching TV.”