Stop plans for Stingray City bar

I am fully in support of the
protest against the bar at Stingray City. I am proud of the leadership of a
young Caymanian such as Natasha Kozaily. 
I take my hat off to her for having the boldness and maturity to lead in
this situation.

If Bernie is miffed at us (I was at
the protest—a fifth generation Caymanian.) then he needs to know that we are
very upset at him for having such a thought and even more so with the Liquor
Licensing Board. I have known Bernie for a long time and frankly I was shocked
that he would consider such a venture. It didn’t seem to match the character of
the man I knew or thought I knew. As to the Liquor Licensing Board, I am still
trying to decide if they are there to regulate and protect us or promote and encourage
the use of liquor. I firmly believe that there are more of the population and
visitors that are against the bar than for it, and I can only hope that if it
is established that people who go to Stingray City will boycott the bar so that
Bernie will see that he needs to stick with his mouth watering Caymanian dishes
and forget the floating bar.

I am asking Bernie to withdraw his
application and consider how he can use his capital for some other venture. I
want to see Bernie succeed but not at this. Both Bernie and I and many other
Caymanians have gotten a piece of the economic pie.  The majority of the boat operators at
Stingray City and deep sea fishing ventures are owned and operated by Caymanians.
Many Caymanians have risen to the top in the banks, trust companies, accounting
firms, law firms, construction companies, utility companies, and other
businesses as well as Government, so I don’t understand where he gets the idea
that Caymanians have not benefited or are not benefiting from the prosperity
that has come to Cayman. There are a number of millionaire Caymanians and we
all know who they are.  There are many
like Bernie and me who work hard for a living but still enjoy a piece of the

Finally, let me say that I
protested the establishment of the Calico Jack bar as well and will protest any
bar that tries to establish itself near a playground.