Inspired by the adults, schools aim for best net results

Netball is very much alive on the
local sports scene.

In addition to the national women’s
league netball has also branched out to local schools.

Last week saw the opening stages of
the Inter-primary school netball league.

The netball courts at Truman Bodden
Sports Complex witnessed a trio of games for two hours.

Among the schools in action were
John A Cumber (West Bay) primary, Triple C, George
Town, Savannah
and Truth For Youth.

Many of those schools fielded teams
in an A and B division and competed on three courts simultaneously in front of
a decent crowd of supporters.

This Friday sees the next round of
games at Truman from 1pm. In the A division West
Bay takes on Prospect, George Town battles East End and Truth for Youth takes on Savannah and Cayman Prep
faces Triple C.

The B division sees George Town against Prospect, West
Bay versus Savannah
and Truth For Youth battling East End.

Next Friday is slated to see the
final regular season game of the league. After comes the Knockout (playoff)
round featuring the top four teams.

For more information
on youth netball e-mail the Cayman Islands Netball Association at
[email protected]