New Boatswain’s Beach MD appointed

The Board of Directors of
Boatswains Beach has announced the hiring of Timothy Adam as the new managing

The turtle farm board hopes to
benefit from Mr. Adam’s experience, notably as former chief executive for Cable
& Wireless, where for 10 years he guided the company through the
liberalisation of Cayman’s telecommunication industry.

Mr. Adam left his post at C&W
in September 2008 and has worked since as a consultant to a start-up tourism

Chairman of the Board Ken Hydes
commented on the appointment: “Boatswain’s Beach is the premier tourist
destination in the Cayman Islands and the hiring of Tim Adam ensures that we
have the kind of quality, experienced leadership that can take our business to
new heights. 

“Under Tim’s guidance we expect
Boatswain’s Beach to improve the visitor experience and become the vibrant,
profitable business it was originally envisioned to be,” he added.

Mr. Adam faces an enormous challenge
as the Turtle Farm is one of several government-owned companies that have typically
reported large operating losses and must be subsidised by the government.

Between 2004 and 2008, the Cayman
Islands government had to cover around $20 million of Boatswain’s Beach
operating losses according to government budget figures.

This figure does not include the
liability in terms of loans that government had secured on the facility’s

The former managing director of
Boatswain’s Beach Joey Ebanks told the Legislative Assembly in December that
parts of the expanded tourism facility are not sustainable and advised
lawmakers to close those sections down.

Mr. Ebanks said that he was unable
to stop Boatswain’s Beach’s operating losses, as the organisation lacked a clear
business plan and strategy.

He also said that while the Turtle
Farm still draws approximately 400,000 visitors per year, prohibitive entry
fees prevent the facility from attracting a larger volume of visitors.

The difficulties of the Turtle Farm
have resulted in calls for the full or partial privatisation of the facility.

“This is a challenge that I simply
could not resist,” said Mr. Adam, commenting on his new role.

“I know this will not be a
quick or easy process, but God willing I intend to roll up my sleeves and work
with our team to do what it takes to turn Boatswain’s Beach into a destination
that celebrates the natural gifts of our islands and that all Caymanians can take
pride in calling their own.”