Today’s Editorial for January 28: Knowing when to go

Each year at Christmas we watch and
even help as service clubs do their part to raise money and gifts for those
less fortunate in the country.

Throughout the year these same
clubs will submit press releases and photos to the newspaper making various
announcements, which loyal readers will see and think to themselves, ‘that’s

But what most of us don’t realise
is that the people who are members of the clubs are truly dedicated to those
institutions and the causes they champion.

All the service clubs in the Cayman
Islands go out of their way to help those who have a need.

This week one of Rotary Club of
Grand Cayman’s own members is giving even more.

Dr. Greg Hoeksema travelled to
Haiti Tuesday to lend a hand with medical supplies and care to those who were
injured in the devastating earthquake there.

And it’s possible he will come home
to the Cayman Islands and ask other medical professionals, such as surgical
nurses, to offer their time in that ravaged country.

In the days since the earthquake,
there has been much fanfare and shows of support from celebrities, politicians
and the otherwise rich and famous promising aid and making a show of answering
the call to Haiti.

But eventually these people are
going to go back to their busy glitzy lives and the people of Haiti will
continue to suffer.

Soon it won’t be a glamorous thing
to be seen going to Haiti.

Some people are still – amazingly –
being found alive in the rubble left by the quake, but those findings will
become fewer and fewer as the weeks pass. There are still many people in Haiti
who need medical attention.

And the thought of so many people
who are homeless is daunting.

Haiti’s problems will be with us
for months if not years to come.

We can all rest assured that
service clubs like Rotary International will continue to keep Haiti foremost in
their minds.

Even after all the camera crews and
paparazzi have left the country.

Thank you service club members; you
are appreciated.