Cayman Went out on DVD February

Cayman Went, the film shot on
Cayman Brac in 2008, is being released on DVD.

The movie will be available on DVD
next month, according to its co-writer and executive producer Jim Ritterhoff.

“Those of you who know me and know
how much this “little film that could” means to me and to everyone
who had a hand in its production, including all the residents of Cayman Brac,
I’m proud to announce that the film is being released on DVD 9 February,”’ Mr.
Ritterhoff said in an email last week.

He said pre-orders are already
being accepted at Amazon, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Tower Video and

He described the movie as “a family
film that not only showcases the beauty of the Cayman Islands, but does so with
a strong, positive message of environmental protection and concern”.

The film, starring Michael Lombardi
and Susan Misner, was shot on location on the Brac, Grand Cayman in February

The plot involves a Los Angeles
developer planning to build a large resort on Cayman Brac who hires a fading underwater
action TV star to try to convince Brac landowners to sell their land.

The movie only received a very
limited release in the United States, playing for a week at three cinemas in
independent distributor 41 Inc. in May and is on a limited one–week run at
three cinemas in Tampa, Miami and New York in June last year.

Cayman Went had its premier in
Grand Cayman and was also screened in Cayman Brac in November 2008.

The movie has also been shown at a
number of film festivals and had its US premier at the famed Grauman’s Chinese
Theatre in Los Angeles on 27 May, 2009.


A beach scene is shot for the film Cayman Went.