Shane is proud of excellent safety record

All roads lead to East End on
Monday and organisers of the annual Surf Challenge had a lot to be pleased

It was the tenth staging of the
annual jet ski race and one of the most successful in terms of crowd
attendance, sponsorship and race excitement, despite the Tony’s Toys team
pulling out after the first race.

 Over 2,000 congregated at the Heritage Field
to enjoy not just the races but the Flowers Bottled Water Fish Tea contest, a
fashion show by Lisa Lee Productions and superb music by Selecta Renegade,
Eternal Vibes and House Arrest.

LIME came in as sponsors and the
other companies that supported the event were the Flowers Group, Red Bull, Caymanian
Compass, What’s Hot, First Impression, Maedac, Hot FM, Cayman Screen Print,
Morritt’s, Massive and Naya Wear.

Jason Bush was the only rider who
had an accident – and that was not serious. He was rushed to George Town
Hospital to have stitches inserted in a gash on his face.

Chief organiser Shane ‘Nobee’
Edwards is the managing director of the 2Frenzied team.

He said: “In my opinion, I expected
a bigger crowd and even though this was an open event the bar next door seemed
to be competing with our event although they have never made contribution to
the event.

“The location of the bar and seeing
that they put up tents and loud speakers outside, they got a big crowd which
took away from the event. I only wish that the bar next door would be
considerate and make a contribution back to the event.

“The highlight of the event was the
incredible rescue recovery that was done by the safety boat captained by Sam
Rankine with Nicholas Elliot (EMT certified), Randy Ebanks and Big Joe Fireman when
they recovered Jason Bush who got hurt from outside the reef and came in
through the channel.

“Jason was delivered to the beach
to the emergency medics who took over from there. He had minor injuries and was
later released from the hospital. There was no other serious accident.

“Overall I’m happy that we put in
place all the necessary safety measures, and that all the riders were safe.
Also, I really appreciate everyone coming out and having a good time with no
arguments nor fights on the beach. That was great.

“The most popular part of the day
for me was tasting the fish tea. Personally I felt that my brother’s – Liquid
Ambition – was the best but the judges decided otherwise but I was surprised
that he didn’t even place.

“I was very surprised
about that. However next year I promise there is going to be big changes, very
big. The East End Surf Challenge will have a new face and a much better layout.”