Strategic education isn’t happening

Strategic education occurs when the
education system is in tune with the economic drivers of a country and the
overarching goal of social stability.

Unfortunately, because the
government is not sure of, or refuses to acknowledge, the economic drivers of
our economy and because of past mistakes, it seems to me that there is little
strategic education in Cayman, although the situation seems to be improving

There are four pillars to the
Cayman Islands economy: (1) tourism (2) financial services (3) real estate
development and (4) real estate maintenance. Therefore, it would make sense
that the education received by our youth focus on those pillars; this is not
the case, especially since there seems to be a denial, or at least no express
acknowledgement, of the last two pillars. The first two pillars are
acknowledged. There is a constant search for the so called missing third
pillar; one year, it’s film making; the next year it’s medical tourism.

For those who want to deny the
importance of real estate development and maintenance, just ask the Caymanian
workers who will be returning to work on the new high schools. Of course, this
denial has led to a situation where blue collar skills are not sought or taught
adequately, denying young adults coming out of school a meaningful and
well-paying career.

Lastly, with respect to the
overarching goal of social stability, the past mistake by government was the
separation of local and expat children by forcing the latter into private schools.
Since the two do not mix and learn from each other, this has led to an “us” and
“them” mentality to the detriment of these Islands.


  1. Great Article it is very true that a division of our people has appeared all across this very small island …..ignorance has spawned from mere culture differences, at times i wonder if at the end of the day if were not all minorities.

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