Editorial: Give Brothers, Sisters your time


The next time you find yourself
complaining about the youth of today, shut your mouth, go look in the mirror
and ponder on how you can find solutions instead of only pointing out problems.

While you’re at it, consider the
group Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands.

Find some of that group’s members
and talk to them about what it means to make a difference in the life of a

You’ll probably hear stories of
kids who may have been at risk to some unsavoury behaviour or of kids who just
needed a strong adult presence in their lives.

Big and Little matches can make
strong impacts, both on the Bigs and the Littles.

It is amazing what a difference a
little time can make to a child.

Countless studies have been done
that show children are less likely to use drugs and alcohol and in fact do
better in school if they have adult mentors.

The children and the adults in the
Big Brothers and Big Sisters programme in Cayman come from all walks of life
and nationality.

The time together doesn’t have to
be spent doing homework or book reports. Instead, it’s a time for mentors and
their children to have fun and get to know each other.

These children watch to see how
their adult mentors interact with the public and by doing so emulate.

They also learn the importance of
volunteering; of putting self second, of contributing to the community in which
they live.

They learn life lessons that
without that Big Brother or Big Sister they may have missed out on.

By joining Big Brother and Big
Sisters you can make a difference not only in a child’s life now, but in the
future of the Cayman Islands.

Unfortunately the waiting list of
children who need adult mentors never runs out.

As one of the Big Brothers Big
Sisters slogans puts it, ‘Who’s he going to be like, if he can’t be like you’.

Giving of yourself to such a worthy
cause as BBBS is the easiest way to make a difference. It doesn’t cost you
anything but time, patience and a willingness to help others.

If you don’t have the time to
commit to a child through BBBS, then please join the group for Soup-er-Bowl on
6 February at Camana Bay.

Read today’s front page story for
more details.