Super Bowl fervour

Nikolai Hill, sports presenter at
Radio Cayman, will wake up on Monday February 1with a sense of something   missing from his life that some of the
colour has gone out of his world and it lacks lustre.

Like a lot of Caymanians, Hill is a
Super Bowl fanatic and after today’s Super Bowl climax, he will have a long
football drought until September, when the excitement kicks off again.

 “I love football and it just gets plain dull
when there is no football to follow and watch “he confesses.

He loves all types of sport but
American Football holds a special place in his heart, something to do with the
feelings it evokes of great weather, high kicking and the fact that Super Bowl
is the biggest sporting event in the whole of America.

In Cayman following Super Bowl is
about loving the sport but it is also very much a social affair.    People either meet up in bars or   watch the matches in each other’s houses and
cook lots of food. Hill says, “During the run ups, Sundays are the best day of
the week for me. I get up late and I spend the rest of the day getting excited
about the coming game, or if my buddies are coming around to mine, preparing a

Perry Levy another great fan simply says, “In my opinion it is the greatest
team sport in the world because each player has a role to play and has to perform
it for the good of the team.”

It is also about strategy and for
Levy it is especially fascinating as a spectator to watch how coaches’ moves
can change throughout the match as they review  
the game from video streams and react to the play on field.

Don’t think this game is just for
red-blooded males, women get hooked too. Hill’s wife Jennifer was not a big fan
when she met him but she sure is now! Cindy Blekatis on the other hand has
always been a fan .She grew up with brothers who all played. On Cayman she has
made the transition to football star herself in flag football.

On Super Bowl day she will either
head around to friends or host a Super Bowl party herself. She says the
atmosphere at these parties is wonderful with great camaraderie. Last year
there was only one person with their team, The New York Giants left in,
“Everyone just was going crazy cheering them on”, Blekatis recalls.

Of course there can be no avoiding
the distressing subject of the disappointment when your team goes out
after  having invested so much time,
emotion and hope for all these months. Levy swallowed that bitter pill when the
Philadelphia Eagles were knocked out. “I was just devastated, “he admits”. And
with the ever hopeful but resigned tone of sports fans worldwide he adds, “They
are always knocking on the door but never quite make it.”

He will have recovered enough to
stop dreaming of what might have been and join his friends for a barbecue which
each year they take turns to host.

Apart from the food and the
occasional beer what they all look forward to is the GAME.Hill probably catches
the mood of all Bowl fans in Cayman when he says “no matter who the teams are
everyone just wants a great game one like last year which was one of the
greatest games of all time and hope there is overtime so we get four hours
instead of just three.”

And then it will all be over and
the long wait begins until next September.