Nick is Gunner need more beer

In the world of English Premier
League football it has paid to stay loyal to Arsenal.

Before last Sunday’s showdown with
Manchester United the Gunners found themselves in third place and within three
points of first place.

In spite of languishing in the
middle of the table early on, Arsenal have put together some good outings and
look set to retain their place among the top four.

All of that is pleasing news to the
likes of Arsenal fans like Nick Lawton.

“I love football and I love
Arsenal, they’re by far my favourite team” the happy Brit states. “Fabregas is
a good captain and playing unbelievably good right now as a football prodigy.

“No he’s not my favourite player.
My all-time favourite would actually be Dennis Bergkamp, who is an absolute

“I’m slightly concerned with Chelsea up next. It’s a
big couple of weeks for us but it was good they have been back near the top

Lawton, 32, is
unlike most of Gunner nation in that he has been dominating a Premiership
fantasy challenge here in Cayman.

The Highbury native has claimed
three cases of Caybrew Light beer over the course of the Caylight English
Premier League Challenge, hosted by sports site Cayman Active.

Lawton has been on
an epic roll, producing the most accurate predictions of league games in a
month on three different occasions since August.

On the whole Lawton (playing the challenge for the second
straight year) has a 31 point lead ahead of the 30 other contestants.

The Red Sail Sports scuba-diving
instructor and boat captain credits Cayman Active founder Andy Bonner with the
desire to take part in the challenge.

“It feels good being a winner and
getting cases of beer is always nice. Last year there was a nice grand prize of
a trip to Cuba.
Hopefully this year’s prize is as nice as that as I would love to take my wife
somewhere nice.

“I got into this because of Andy.
We’re good friends, he suggested it and that was that. Every Saturday and
Sunday we watch the Premiership games together. We’re both very competitive so
the challenge works just fine.”

He might spend a lot of time on the
computer but Lawton
is far from a coach potato. As he states he has a solid link to rugby.

“I’m involved with local ruby at
the moment as I play forward on the second row for the Cayman (DHL) Storm. I
played rugby back home in school and my dad is a retired rugby referee.

“I reckon he got me into rugby and
football growing up. Then again I grew up a mile away from Gunner Stadium. I was
a season ticket holder at Highbury for 12 years and never missed a home game.”

Ultimately Lawton is enjoying keeping track of his
Gunners in the comforts of Cayman.

“I’ve been here since April 2007
and I’ve been with Red Sails going on three years now. I love my job, I love
Cayman and I love the island life. Of course the weather here is awesome.

“Hopefully I’m here in the sun
watching my Gunners win a little longer.”


  1. Arsenal humiliated by Man Utd and now Fabregas wants to run crying back to Barcelona..Yep what a great Captain. As for being only “slightly concerned” about Chelsea….after being beaten 3-0 last game I would be a bit more concerned than you appear to be. Looks like the trophy cabinets gonna be empty for another year at least.

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