What men want

 Is it possible that men get just as excited about Valentine’s Day as women?

The answer to that is maybe, kinda, sorta.

Okay, throw on the brakes, before you rush out and buy that giant chocolate heart or teddy bear, remember ladies these are men we are talking about.

“I don’t know if they really want big presents and stuff like women do,” said Taylor Burrowes clinical psychiatrist Wellness Centre. “You know they are more needy then they let on sometimes so I think when we give them the time, pay attention to them and just give them that kind of affection they really appreciate that.”

Romance, affection, togetherness, it all sounds so simple right? WRONG!

Keep in mind they are from Mars, and we are from Venus, to sum it up, it’s complicated.

You may think a  walk on the beach or watching a romantic movie at home is the perfect way to bask in each other’s togetherness this Valentine’s Day, chances are the attention and affection your husband or boyfriend craves is more centred around a little three letter word that start’s with S and ends in X..

“I feel like they focus a lot more on the sexual intimacy of the romance so they want the love and the attention in that department a lot more I think than women focus on.” Said Ms. Burrowes.

That’s not to say they don’t want to spend quality time with us just enjoying each other, in fact they may even agree to going on that moonlight walk or even watching your chick flick of choice.

But let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is the marketed as the day for lovers and well men will be men, that doesn’t mean they love us any more or less on any other day. It just means they really want to enjoy the true meaning of that one day out of the year.

If you still would like to say I love you with a gift, Burrowes says go ahead just don’t break the bank.

She says the thing to remember is, this is just a day nothing more nothing less so don’t stress about what to do or not to do just have fun and enjoy each other.

Here are a few ideas that are sure to win his heart over.


This is a gift both of you can enjoy. You get to buy yourself something nice and at the same time satisfy your man’s needs. What better way to increase the passion and fuel the fire than a sexy negligee.

A boys outing pass:

As much as your husband or boyfriend enjoys spending time with you, he needs a break once in a while.

So imagine how excited he will be this Valentine’s Day when you hand him a handmade card with a “free” night out with the boys, day of golf, or  whatever his interests maybe.

Ladies this is a sure fire hit and a great way to show him that you love him and recognise that he has a life outside of you.

Massage for two:

This is another gift you both enjoy. Several local spa’s offer Valentine specials for couple’s that include his and her massages.  It’s the perfect way for the two of you to relax, unwind, and spend quality time together.

Borat Mankini:

What better way to show your mate you truly love him flaws and all then by giving him a one piece bathing suit that leaves little to the imagination!

Available on several websites.

Basket filled with his favourite things:

No this is not a frilly, ruffled basket filled with soft fuzzy foo foo stuff.

No this is a man’s man basket filled with his favourite beer, things to eat, grooming items, cologne.

Be creative and have fun throw in a pair of sexy underwear with a suggestive note.

Not only are you showing him that you really do pay attention to him and you know his interests and tastes, he’ll appreciate the effort you’ve made.

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