What women want

The splendour of Valentine’s Day is briefly captured in the attraction lovers display for one another and the ways in which they express special emotions, through gifts and gestures.

Men and women, the world over, shell out big bucks every year to show their undying love and affection for one another, usually by showering the subject of their affinity with flowers and/or candy.

But passing the traditional gifts, there are some pretty neat trinkets and ideas that can say “I love you” just as well as roses.

Many of these kinds of items can be sourced at various exotic locales on Grand Cayman.  Shopping for that special Valentines gift is a process where one must tap one’s inner expression  to allow the  essence of you to come  through in the gift you  choose.

This type of Valentine’s treat will add a unique flavour and intrigue to the occasion, whilst giving you the satisfaction of taking an unconventional approach.

Shop around for feminine gifts such as: gorgeous sea glass highlighted with Swarowski crystals; beads , shells, and of course found Cayman sea glass; bracelets, earrings, necklaces and gifts .

There’s also Caymanite, conch, whelk and freshwater pearl jewellery by local artisans to delight the senses.

If you cannot allay the inner urge to indulge in a bouquet of some kind, Pure Art offers a unique option to this gift, with shell bouquets at a fraction of the cost of their “rosy” counterparts.

Of course whatever you do this year, don’t forget that Valentine’s is also a time for being close and there are few gifts that can say more without saying anything at all like lingerie.

It may sound a bit risqué but maybe that’s just what is needed to keep your romance unpredictable and exciting.

There are several great locations to shop from on Island in this regard and the gesture will get you extra kudos with the one you flatter.

The five senses beckon to us on Valentine’s Day and scents such as candles or potpourri may also make a great gift for that special someone.

Scented candles are usually fairly inexpensive and convenient to carry on journeys as well. So if you’ve got to travel to your sweetheart, you may want to think about getting a gift that’s as practical, portable and appealing as a candle.

Other great gifts include electronics for those who want to stay in touch.

This type of consumer may want to purchase Blackberries so they can message their significant other free of charge.

It may seem a bit much but all is fair in love and war, “right”?

Anyway, whatever you decide this year, make sure you have fun and there is some money left for the birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

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