Kicking for charity was a blast

It’s rare that a one-day sport can
garner loads of local support.

Yet that’s exactly what happened
last Saturday at the second annual kickball tournament (sponsored by Maples and
Calder this year) held at the Field of Dreams in George Town.

Some 21 teams and 250 people came
out to kick balls, have drinks and make merry. All sorts of characters came out
from costume-wearing Brendon Malice to former swim great Andrew MacKay.

All did so for the benefit of the
Cayman Islands Humane Society, the chief beneficiaries of the money raised.

In fact Cayman’s chief animal
caretakers got a sizeable donation. At press time an exact figure was not
available but tournament officials state it’s in the area of CI$5,000.

For chief organizer Patrick Bourque
(who had the same role last year) it all worked out in the end.

“We had 24 squads register and 21
teams came out to play. Before we started play we already had a profit of $4k
from team registration.

“There were some setbacks, namely
due to a lot of extra costs like higher field fees and security guards (as
mandated by the Liquor Licensing law).

“Overall it was still a success and
a fun afternoon.”

On the field two teams would stand
tall above the rest. The Beaver Hunters and BeeGee Ballers would be named
co-champions after a long day of play that lasted from 11am-6pm.

Last year’s champion Doghouse
Balldogs were eliminated 2-1 in the semi-finals by the Ballers. Cayman Free
Press fielded two teams (What’s Hot and Caymanian Compass) with the What’s Hot
squad making it to the playoffs.

Interestingly the title was split
between the two teams as the Field did not have working lights after a freak
car accident at the facility last Friday.

Bourque talked about this year’s
new champions.

“Basically what happened was it
started to get dark and because of the lack of power we decided to share the
grand prize between the Beaver Hunters and Ballers.

“It was a really a great gesture
that both sides, who were private teams that paid out of their own pocket,
donated their winnings to charity. In fact half of it, CI$750, went to Haiti relief
which was really in the spirit of the event.”


The Beaver Hunters were co-champions.
Matthew Yates

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