Public invited to The Collection

Butterfield Bank, corporate culture includes bringing art to the masses at its
exhibition space in Butterfield Place.

The Collection, the bank’s latest show has its genesis in the first show in the
building to celebrate the opening of the bank’s Cayman headquarters in 2008. At
the time the bank commissioned site-specific work by recognised Caymanian
artists. The show, according to curator David Bridgeman, seeks to preview the
current work of those artists.

The artists, who include four McCoy
Prize winners, are Wray Banker, Randy Cholette, Sheree Ebanks, Courtney Platt, Aston
Ebanks, Chris Mann and David Bridgeman. They will have their work on show until

Collection includes drawings, oil, acrylic and digital photography.

commitment to the arts is on-going, supporting Caymanian contemporary art by
acquiring the works of emerging and established artists. The title reflects
their growing collection of artworks,” Mr. Bridgeman explained.

 “I am responsible for creating themes for
exhibitions together with the bank and submitting these ideas to the bank for
approval… The opening of a show normally co-insides with the launch of a
marketing product.  The product doesn’t dictate the show, but rather compliments
it,” he said.

during banking hours, the 14-piece show is in the building’s second floor
foyer.   The space runs the length of the entry corridor and as such lends
itself to the exhibition of small works, Mr. Bridgeman added.


Inverse a painting by Randy Cholette is in The Collection.

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