Right the Good Ship Cayman

The sirens wailing down West Bay
Road signal the beginning of the end for Cayman as a place where good people
want to live and visit.

With every break-in and shooting,
every robbery and murder, every show of disdain for the rule of law we are
swept further and further from the shore we used to call home.

This is not the Cayman I moved to
in the 70s, the Cayman my friends grew up in. Why not? Because we have turned a
blind eye to the bad elements coming in from other countries. We have
underestimated their ability to poison our society. And while we were busy
making money, we have let our own children slip away until the bad elements
here are now Caymanian, not just foreigners. 

Our education system has failed us
and we have not responded. There have been no technical options for the slower
children so they fail and disrupt classes, which bring down the more
impressionable of the brighter children. Those wealthy enough go off to school,
where parents again have to hope the influences on them will be positive. Some
are; some aren’t.  And while we celebrate
our best at the YCLA awards, we continue to ignore the rest – at their peril,
and ours.

There are many threats to our
prosperity these days: direct taxation, OECD and FATF regulations, Obama and
the US economic woes, and our local deficit. Most are threats from outside,
which we can only do so much to counter. But our biggest threats are from
within; if we lose those battles, we are done! Where do you go when your home
is no longer safe?

Premier Bush – you are the elected
leader of this country. While no one can expect you to solve these problems
alone, you are the captain right now. And it is incumbent upon you and this
government to put policies into place that will solve these problems.

The private sector has provided
suggestions for everything from crime to education to taxation. And in these
difficult economic times the private sector is still willing to help. But it is
time for you to act. With every month that goes by the good ship Cayman sails
further into dangerous waters and at some point we will no longer have the room
to turn it around. These are serious problems and they require hard hitting
immediate solutions, not politically correct ones dictated by re-election concerns.

All of us must help. Living our own
lives as good Christian role models is a good start. How can we expect our
children to behave any better than we do ourselves? And all of us had better
pray to God for our country and our captain and crew and hope they are
competent and courageous enough to steer us again into safer waters.

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