Gov’t computers on the blink

cooling system failure in the Cayman Islands
government’s main computer data centre was blamed for widespread technical
problems in most central government offices over the past week.

provided by the Computer Services Department indicated that the centre’s back
up cooling system also failed, causing the system to overheat.

services officials said the system failure was responsible for slowed data

government computer users were unable to access files on their local computer
drives; others had to use personal accounts to send e-mails.

Computer Services Director Gilbert McLaughlin said the cooling system failure
did not lead to any loss of central data or government databases.

system’s security has not been compromised,” a government statement read.
“Access to individual user files and shared file servers are affected.”

initial outage occurred during the last week of January and continued to plague
government computer systems all last week.

Computer service providers Microsoft and Hewlett
Packard were contacted to resolve the issue, Mr. McLaughlin said.

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