Orchids invited to show for judging at Botanic Park

Awards reintroduced

For the first time since before
Hurricane Ivan, residents are invited to enter their home-nurtured orchids for
judging in the annual Orchid Show at the Queen Elizabeth
II Botanic
Park next weekend, 13-14

Plant owners need not be members of
the Orchid Society to take part, emphasised park manager Andrew Guthrie.

Along with the opportunity to see
and purchase orchids brought in for the show, visitors will be able to explore
the newest park attraction, the
orchid boardwalk, which will be ceremonially opened on the Saturday.

Before September 2004, most of the
exhibits in the shows were the plants of members. But most people on the Island lost their plants in the devastation of Hurricane
Ivan, Mr. Guthrie said. Exhibits in subsequent years were made up of plants
brought in for sale.

After orchid growers began
re-establishing their collections,
the pink mealy-bug struck and the Department of Agriculture   asked that plants not be moved from one part
of the island to another.

Now the situation has stabilised
and members again are encouraged to exhibit their own plants. Non-members are invited
to enter their orchids for judging, and should bring them to the park before
5pm on Thursday, 11 February.

 Prizes will include ribbons and plants from
the park nursery. Judges will be Orchid Society members regarded as
knowledgeable; they will not enter the competition.

Mr. Guthrie may be contacted at the
Botanic Park, 947-9462, for further information.


“The Orchid Society would like to
develop the judging aspect of the show, partly as an added interest for viewers
and partly as a way to highlight growers’ efforts.”

Andrew Guthrie, botanic park general manager

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