Scorpions sting PWC B

Losing streaks are a part of
sports. Every team has one and often times they are a test of character.

In local co-ed softball last
Wednesday one squad broke an epic losing skid that lasted two years.

The PWC Scorpions defeated PWC B
(nicknamed “the Experience”) 17-16 in extra innings.

For the Scorpions the victory was
their first regular season triumph in their history, dating back to the 2008
winter season.

The Scorpions technically have two
wins as a franchise, with the second coming via forfeit in last season’s C
league championship with ElectraTech Pure Energy. 

Nevertheless the Scorpions finally
nabbed a regular season win and could be a threat to take down teams and not
just strong drinks.

Wednesday’s match gave evidence of
that as the Scorpions fought all game long. In the first inning it seemed like
things were in their favour with a nine run explosion (the most runs scored in
an inning in team’s history).

From there PWC B crawled back into
the game with three runs in the second inning and five runs in the fourth

Guided by flag football stalwarts
Justin Miller and Craig Smith the B team grabbed the lead in the fifth inning
with two runs. Sports man Chris Moser led the charge in the sixth as the team
piled on two more runs.

With their backs against the wall
the Scorpions came out in the seventh and strung together hit after hit to claw
out three runs and force the game into extra innings.

One of the key batsmen in that
inning was Minori Honda (the only Japanese player in co-ed softball) who drove
the ball deep to the outfield.

In the top of the tenth PWC B
seemed to put the game away as they roasted pitcher Johan Bruwer and the
Scorpions defense for four runs.

However PWC ladies Nicolene Bruwer
and Lindi Vidas would not accept defeat and rallied the team. In the end the
squad would get the four runs back and enjoy a walk-off base hit from Rudi van
Heerden that scored Honda.

Van Heerden, who manned first base
on the night, was ecstatic about being the team’s hero.

“It felt awesome hitting that ball
for the team, running for the first base bag and knowing that this was our
game. It was awesome team work by the PwC Scorpions.”

After the game the team enjoyed a
long overdue victory celebration late into the night at Sunset House.

Honda, like his team-mate van
Heerden, was elated about the win and gave his feelings on nabbing the decisive

“It was wonderful, just simply
amazing,” Honda said. “I feel very good about the win. It’s only my second game
for the team so I guess I’m a great addition. It’s all about contributing to
the team and it feels good that I did that.

“After the first inning I actually
thought it would be an easy win. I kept praising the team and kept my faith in
the team late in the game. When Rudi hit the ball I knew we were going to win.”

In his short time with the squad
Honda (who speaks near perfect English) has certainly proven his worth.

In his debut two Thursdays ago he
made an acrobatic catch that would make any sports highlight reel. On Wednesday
he hit the ball well all game and held his own in right field.

Surprisingly Honda had a limited
exposure to softball before this year.

“The last time I played was back in
junior high and high school,” Honda said. “It was not anything serious; it was
just for fun with some friends of mine. I remember liking to field the ball
from back then.”

The Scorpions’ historic win was not
just witnessed by the players on the field.

Adult co-ed softball programme
coordinator Alan Markoff was on hand to see the end of the game and thought the
win is the start of something positive for the Scorpions.

“It was heart-warming to watch,”
Markoff said. “Their victory is a testament to their perseverance.  They
continued to come out to the games and compete even though they lost every game
on the field for three seasons.

“I am very happy for them.  I
believe they will start winning more games, now that they’re over the hump.”

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