Ricketts blames Henry for Estella’s death

Admits setting car on fire

In an interview admitted into
evidence on Monday, Larry Prinston Ricketts told police he found the garbage bag
that co-defendant Kirkland Henry put over the head of the lady they had kidnapped
on the night of 10 October 2008.

Ricketts’ interview said the two
men wanted to get some money from anyone they could find. They thought they
could get some money from her because of the kind of vehicle she had.

The two men are charged with the
murder of Estella Scott Roberts, who was last seen by friends in the parking
lot behind Deckers Restaurant after they had celebrated her birthday.  She was walking toward her vehicle at the
rear of the lot. The vehicle was a Ford Edge.

When trial began on 1 February,
Solicitor General Cheryll Richards opened her case by saying either both men
were principals in the murder or else one was the principal and the other an

Two days later, Chief Justice Anthony
Smellie heard evidence that Henry had given a statement blaming Ricketts for
Estella’s murder (Caymanian Compass, 4 February).  Henry said Ricketts put a plastic bag over
the lady’s head and taped it.

Henry pleaded guilty to her abduction, rape and robbery, while Ricketts pleaded not
guilty. As to the charge of murder, both men maintain the not guilty pleas they
entered in January 2009.

In his interview, given on 28 October
2008, Ricketts said he did not know the lady concerned. Shown a picture of Mrs.
Scott-Roberts, he said that was the lady Henry and he kidnapped.

He explained that he and Henry
rushed the lady and told her to get in the back seat. Henry was in the back
seat with her while Ricketts drove her car. They took her to West Bay
and tied her up.

He said they found a laptop in her
car and two Blackberry cell phones. They found US$120 in her purse and Henry
found a Cayman National Bank card.

Then they put her back in the car
and drove down the road. He said the lady begged not to be killed, saying she
had two kids and wanted to go home to her family. He indicated she was killed
so that she would not identify them to police.

Ricketts admitted lighting the
vehicle with papers that were inside. He said the vehicle was burned “so we wouldn’t
leave any fingerprints or evidence behind.”

The entire interview was not read
aloud in court in one continuous complete piece, but major portions were previously
read or referred to.

At the end, interviewer Inspector
Donovan Bailey summarises that Ricketts has freely admitted to the abduction, rape and killing of Estella Scott Roberts. He
then asks if there is anything else Ricketts would like to say.

Ricketts replied that he was truly
sorry for all the pain and tragedy he caused taking the life of an innocent
person. He wished he could bring some happiness and comfort to those who missed
her most.

Also on Monday, Chief
Superintendent Marlon Bodden read into evidence an interview he had with
defendant Henry on 28 October 2008. In it, Henry said he saw Ricketts walk fast
toward a lady Henry didn’t know. Before she got into her vehicle Ricketts was
struggling with her. This was before Henry reached them.

He said the lady was still
struggling and Ricketts pulled a knife and the lady got a cut on her hand. She
wasn’t screaming; after she got the cut she was just crying. She said “You
guys, don’t kill me.”

Henry said he replied, “Don’t worry
yourself.”  Ricketts drove her car to the
Pappagallo area of West
Bay, into the bush. Her
hand was bleeding and Henry gave her a napkin or paper towel.

The rest of the interview details
what was reported last week – that both men had sex with her and used condoms. Henry
said Ricketts let the lady wash herself in the sea, then tied her hands again
and taped her and put her in the vehicle.

Ricketts put the bag over her head
and taped it. The lady was struggling. When Ricketts turned the car around and
stopped for Henry, she never moved. He drove to another location, where he
pushed paper into the gas tank. Ricketts lit the vehicle and watched it catch
and then walked away, Henry said.

On Tuesday morning the court was
scheduled to visit the scene of the crime.


Mrs. Scott-Roberts

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