Diving collaboration for Cayman

The Department of Tourism has
announced it will partner with one of the world’s largest diving bodies.

The British Sub-Aqua Club is the
leading dive club and national governing body of the sport in the United Kingdom.
BSAC is a non-commercial operation and all instructors are fellow members who
have been professionally trained out of their own pocket. It is represented in
the Cayman Islands by Cayman Islands Divers.

The Department of Tourism said that
it will partner with BSAC on events, promotions, newsletter and website communications
as well as widening distribution channels through BSAC’s tour operator partners.

Acting Director of Tourism Shomari
Scott said that the Department of Tourism saw great potential in the link-up.

“The Cayman
Islands is one of the top dive destinations in the world and
partnering with respected organisations such as BSAC increases our ability to
access and build relationships with those who travel regularly to dive.

“Communications will focus on the
diversity of diving, ease of travel, plethora of accommodations and professional
dive operators and we expect the benefits of marketing to BSAC members to be
widespread among the local tourism industry,” he said.


Don McDougall, regional manager for
the Cayman Islands in Europe, said diving is one of the most important sources
of international visitation for the Cayman Islands.

“With 2010 being a landmark year
for Cayman, as we await the imminent sinking of the USS Kittiwake to form an
artificial reef, coupled with the most recent opening of new eco-dive resort
Lighthouse Point, this new partnership agreement is most timely.

“I am very confident that we will
be able to work together to great mutual benefit. We are aware that many divers
communicate through the BSAC forum and rely on the organisation to source
inspiration and ideas for their next dive holiday,” he said.

Cayman Islands Divers was formed in
1973 and was instrumental in establishing Grand Cayman’s
re-compression chamber. They own a 26-foot Parker hard boat, which enables them
to quickly get to diving sites. The British Sub-Aqua Club first started
training people in the 1950s and now has over 40,000 members in 1,200 branches
across the world.

Mary Tetley, chief executive of
BSAC, said the partnership is exciting for the organisation’s membership.

“BSAC members are constantly
looking for new and inspiring places to dive and snorkel and our partnership
with Cayman will really open up this beautiful and diverse dive destination to
so many more of our members.

“We look forward to building our
relationship and showcase just how easy it is to learn and go diving and
snorkelling  in the Cayman
Islands,” she said.


Undersea wonders are a feature of Cayman’s attraction to tourists.

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