Rotary central adds members

Rotary Central has announced the
addition Faith Shulman and Zelata Gayle as the newest additions to its roster.

Ms Shulman was announced as a new
Rotarian at a recent meeting. She works for local firm Ignition, where she is responsible
for marketing and sales activity for Cayman and surrounding areas.

She says she enjoys giving back to
the community by lending a helping hand to people in need and commented, “I
believe that no man or woman should be in this world alone. People and
communities depend on each other for survival.

“Rotary provides the vehicle to
connect people to their community in a meaningful way.’

Ms Zelta Gayle has been active in
Rotary initiatives and projects for over eight years but only recently became
an official Rotarian.

She was named Nurse of the year in
1994 and awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for contribution
to the Cayman Islands society, with special mention of excellence in the area
of emergency room nursing in 2002.

Ms Gayle was also formally
acknowledged by Rotary Club’s District Governor and President of Cayman Brac’s
Rotary Club for contributions to the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac in 2004.

“Rotary is a respected, well
organized, club, which is principled and places community service above self.

“My experience working with the
Brac Rotary Club gave me firsthand knowledge of the shared commitment of the members
towards improving the health and quality of life in our communities,” she remarked.

President of Rotary Central Paul
Byles said, “The Rotary Club has a long history of attracting quality
individuals to join its ranks.

“With the additions of Zelta and
Faith, we proudly continue that tradition. These women give form their heart
not for personal recognition or any outside motivations.”


Faith Shulman with Rotary Central Vice Presi-dent Fiona Mosley and President Paul Byles.
Photo: Submitted

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