West Bayer suffers Holyfield’s wrath

Spousal abuse has become an
unfortunate commonplace occurrence in modern society.

The latest case of it involves
superstar boxer Evander Holyfield and his Caymanian wife Candi Holyfield (nee

Numerous reports about the alleged
abuse have circulated across the Internet from last Thursday.

The general consensus is that
Holyfield hit Candi several times during an argument in their Fayetteville,
Georgia home, some 20 miles
south of Atlanta.

Reportedly she was hit in the face,
the back of the head and her back on the night of February 1.

Apparently the argument was over
payments to her church (believed to be based in the States). Reports stated she
refused to present Holyfield, 47, check stubs showing the amount of money she
gave to the church as an offering.

The matter was brought up in Fayetteville County court where Candi made a
statement about the incident, according to county records.

“He said that I was being
disrespectful,” Candi said. “He started telling me that I needed to start putting
God first in my life.”

In addition Candi, 30, reportedly
received a temporary protective order against him. On February 3, a magistrate
judge banned Holyfield from being within 500 yards of Candi and their two children:
a six year-old boy and five year-old girl. A formal hearing for the couple is
slated for this Thursday.

Candi has not spoken to any media
since the incident and wants to keep it a private matter. Her Cayman family
feels the same way as they were contacted for this story but declined to comment.

Surprisingly Holyfield, a four-time
heavyweight champion who has made over US$200 million, is renowned for his strong
Christian beliefs.

He has been quick to tell the international
press that he reads the Bible often and prays everyday; even before and during

Holyfield is also in the midst of a
comeback in boxing. He was scheduled to fight Francis Botha in Uganda on
Saturday but that bout was cancelled for financial reasons. Holyfield last
fought Nikolai Valuev, losing to the Russian more than a year ago.

Candi is Holyfield’s third wife and
hails from West Bay
in Grand Cayman. She has been married to
Holyfield for six years since July 1, 2003.

The pair met in an airport back
when Candi was an Emory
University student. At
the time Holyfield was 40 and Candi was 24.

Sadly, according to Fayetteville County records, Candi was first abused
by Holyfield six months after their marriage. The abuse (which was mostly emotional)
has been ongoing throughout their marriage, especially after their first child.
It has become physical since 2008.

The two major instances Candi gave in
her court statement were of her husband choking her in front of their daughter
and housekeeper and Holyfield hitting her in front of their children.

News of the abuse has been
troubling for all of Candi’s Cayman family (including her mother, sister and
brother) and friends. Among them is retired Queen’s Counsel Ramon Alberga.

The Alberga family had a link to Candi
in her younger days and Ramon talked about his feelings on the matter.

“I’m shocked to hear this happen.
We (my son Charles Alberga and I) gave her help as a girl through the West Bay
Church of Christ, which we all attended in those days.

“She came from a difficult family
that was not well off. She was quite a nice little girl though. She was very
bright and friendly and was in the church. I never knew or heard of anything
adverse about her.”

Alberga, who is now a member of the
George Town Church of Christ, went on to talk about the current relationship he
and his family have with Candi.

“As far as the incident goes I only
know as much as you or anyone else knows. I first heard about it through
watching CNN and seeing the little news ticker on the bottom of the screen.

“I’ve lost touch with her since her
youth. She hasn’t been back here for years and all I know is she has two kids.”


Holyfield physically abused his Caymanian wife.
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  1. Candi need to get out of this abusive marriage before she gets killed and COME HOME TO HER CAYMAN FAMILY WHERE SHE IS LOVED AND CARED FOR.


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