No conjugal visits allowed at prison

Her Majesty’s Prison’s Northward
has revealed, by way of the Freedom of Information Act, that there is no
conjugal visit policy at the facility or in any of the other Overseas Territories’

The information comes in the wake
of a trial that saw the conviction of Randy Martin for the death of Sabrina
Schirn.  During the trial, Martin
testified he had sexual intercourse – while he was a prison inmate – with
Ms Schirn on the day she died.

Rumours of wives of prisoners
turning up pregnant have also been rife for some time in Cayman. However, HMP
Northward Information Manager Ricardo Lashley said if this had occurred, those
instances would have been isolated and a breech somewhere in the command could
be to blame.

Mr. Lashley said that as part of
the prisoner re-integration programme, pregnancies could have also happened
during home visits.

“Inmates on the Enhancement Block
are allowed home visits, which are not supervised, and so whatever happens
there is at times a mystery.”  

 Some prisoners argue that restricting conjugal
visits is a human rights issue, according to representatives at the prison. However,
they say as far as human rights go, that question was not valid as it relates
to prisoners because by virtue of being in prison, they are not afforded the
same rights as free people.

The practice of conjugal visits is
allowed in some prison facilities in European Union countries such as Belgium.

There is also the issue of prisoners
having sex with one another, which prison officials agree is always a real
possibility in any prison.

 However, Mr. Lashley said this was not a prevalent
problem at the prison, adding that the practice- if it did occur- was not condoned
and the situation was nothing like the sensationalised renditions seen on

Currently condoms are not dispensed
in the prison.

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