Majority say they don’t eat turtle

More than 75 per percent of the 520
respondents to last week’s online poll say they will never eat
farmed turtle again, the vast majority of them because they never ate turtle

When asked how often they would eat
farmed turtle now that its price had tripled, 306 people – 58.8 per cent – said
they would never eat it because they never ate it before.

“Why would anyone want to eat their
own national animal, and one that’s endangered at that?” asked one respondent.

“It’s about time that an attempt to
protect the turtle was made,” said another person.

“I think it’s great that the price
of turtle meat has been tripled,” said someone else. “They are amazing
creatures and very special to our Islands. Why would anyone want to eat them anyway?”

“I hope the price hike will not
encourage poaching of wild turtles,” said another respondent. “The farm is
supposed to alleviate this problem by providing a sustainable source for the
meat.  If it fails to do this, what is
the point of the farm?”

Another 87 people – 16.7 per cent –
said they would never eat turtle again because of the cost.

“I couldn’t afford a $14 plate at
our local festivities. Now the price will probably be much higher,” said one

“The local restaurants will be
losing a great deal of money as locals won’t be able to afford turtle now,”
said someone else. “Another blow to the small businessman.”

“These government officials have
got to go,” said another respondent.

“I don’t think this will resolve
the issue,” said someone else. “The Turtle Farm needed to just cut down the
number of turtles they slaughtered to sell to the public. I personally believe
this price hike is to try and assist with their losses.”

Eighty-seven people – 14.61 per
cent – said they would eat turtle only on special occasions now that the price
has been increased so much.

“I think raising the price is
fine,” said one person.

“Eighty dollars for five pounds of
turtle meat when it takes three pounds to feed a family of five! In this
economy! Yeah, right!” said another respondent.

“I won’t say I’ll never eat it
again because I might, especially if I go to someone’s house and they’re
serving it,” said someone else. “But I’m unlikely ever to order it in a
restaurant again, partially because of the cost and partially because I really
didn’t know how low the stock had become.”

Twenty-eight people – 5.38 per cent
– said they would eat turtle now as often as they did before the price increase
and 23 respondents – 4.4 per cent – said they would eat it occasionally, if
they could find it.


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