It’s easy being green

 No matter which side of the global warming debate fence you sit on, no one can argue that developing environmentally friendly buildings is wrong.
   Firstly, if you’re not doing it for the environment, in Cayman you need to be doing it for the purse strings.
   Designing a building that takes into account energy efficiency in mechanical systems only makes sense in this country where the cost of energy can be sky high at times.
   Even those whose businesses are in older, less environmentally friendly buildings can do their part to help green up their properties.
   Some of the changes can be made with no outlay of cash at all while other cost-saving measures may require a small amount of capital. But most businesses that put an eye to making their offices greener will realise a cost savings.
   You can start by simply reducing solid waste.
   The question we are always asked at Cayman Free Press is ‘what do you do about recycling? What happens to the newspapers and magazines that are thrown away?’
   Well the answer unfortunately is that in Cayman everything goes to the landfill and what can be recycled is recycled.
   However, the real question is how eco-friendly is Cayman Free Press with regard to sustainability issues and environmental risk?
   The answer is that Cayman Free Press is very sensitive to its responsibilities in Cayman and has continued to improve its systems and processes to ensure that stringent policies are adhered to.
* Almost all newsprint used is 100 per cent recycled
*  90 per cent of paper used for magazines, inserts and commercial printing is completely wood-free.
* Most printing inks used are vegetable based.
* Printing plate chemistry is aqueous based (biodegradable) and our press cleaning agents meet all USA Environmental Protection Agency regulations
* Water consumption – reducing water volumes used through reuse processes.
* Promoting energy conservation through efficiency improvements and use of new technologies.
   At Cayman Free Press we are constantly striving to find ways to reduce solid waste. Much of the office paper used in the printer is recycled by giving it to school children who use the blank sides of the paper for assignments and projects.
   We once again implore Government to find a solution to the ever-growing problem of Mount Trashmore and implement a viable recycling operation in the Cayman Islands. It can be done. It’s just a matter of political will.

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