Premier won’t meet with marchers

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush will not meet with a group of anti-government protesters when they march in a demonstration against his administration’s policies on 6 March.

Protest organiser, former government Minister Charles Clifford, has demanded that political leaders meet with the marchers at 3.30pm on 6 March in front of the government administration building.

If officials declined, Mr. Clifford said he would start the process of petitioning for a referendum to remove the current administration from office. The ruling United Democratic Party was elected by Cayman Islands voters on 20 May, 2009.

Premier Bush said during a public meeting Tuesday night in George Town that the March demonstration was purely politically motivated and that he wouldn’t be there.

“They believe the government is vulnerable, and that’s why they are taking to the streets,” Mr. Bush told a group of about 250 supporters outside the courthouse Tuesday.

“They have said they are going to march and I must come out there and meet them on the 6th. I must come out there and meet them? Hold their breath.”

“I will not go out there and meet that bunch of rabble-rousers, because if they meant any good they would have come forward and put their plans on the table.”

Mr. Bush said that if the opposition People’s Progressive Movement party wished to push for a referendum they were free to do so. However, he said it would do little to assist Cayman in troubling economic times.

“What good will it do the country?” Mr. Bush asked. “With the world watching us and waiting to spread bad news about us…this is no time to show unrest.”

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  1. The premier is still insensitive to the needs oc Caymanians and their wishes.

    He says this is o time to march and resist his policies.
    Well here’s how we feel Mr. Premier.

    We can’t get our country back with you and the PPM in control.

  2. All I have to say is that this is all party politics is going to do for this island, divide the people. Remember the old saying. “United we stand devided we fall”. Well we seem to be falling.

  3. If the Premier is serious about not meeting with the public to discuss the policies that is of concern and that affect the future of the voters;
    Then this is a “Strike” against him as a leader elected by the people and the UK will indeed look with more favor towards the voice of the people than a premier who is acting like a dictator holding the whole world in his hands ! or so he thinks.The UK will further keep a watchful eye on his autocratic attitude, especially since he voluntarily withut reason acted as a bully at the very “Swearing in of our most Honorable new governor, the Queens representative. This is setting up of oneself for a a great fall.

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