Battle of the male belly bulge

For men, excess fat tends to show
up on the belly. For women, it usually shows up in other parts of the body.

The protruding belly is
increasingly evident amongst men in Cayman, (and globally). Having lived in
Cayman for two decades, spotting this phenomenon in men who were once lithe and
trim has caused me serious thought and reflection upon this observation.  

Five factors that may be leading to
male belly bulge are:

A diet that is high in fried foods
and saturated fat.  Many guys seem to
love saturated fats in the form of fat-marbled steaks, cheese, butter, fried
chicken, deep-fried fish, French fries, pizza and wings – all high fat

Hormones? Could it be that men of a
certain age develop a belly bulge in response to hormonal changes, especially
testosterone?  Check with your physician
on this one.

Lack of activity.  Let’s face it, food is fuel, and if you are
not burning the fuel, your body will store it as fat and it goes right to the
belly area of many men.  You can
literally walk off that belly.

Beer. Yep, there’s something about
beer that contributes to that development of a belly.  Eliminating beer may help you reduce that gut.

Lastly, and rather metaphysically,
could the collapse of the abdominal walls and protruding belly indicate a man’s
loss of power or giving up on life through his core? We know that the body
loses vital power through energy centres. 
Think of a man who loses his wife through death. His entire body may sag
under the weight of grief. Emotional trauma and chronic stress can cause us to
collapse on the inside, thus losing the ability to hold up to life.  Think about it.  

Staying strong, healthy and at a
good weight is essential for long life, self esteem, vitality and endurance.
So, gentlemen, as the ladies in the know continue to do their best to stay in
shape, review your lifestyle and make any adjustments to promote loss of belly

Be sure to talk to your physician
about any concerns you have.  Lifestyles
programmes and services are available to assist men in their endeavours to lose
weight and get fit. 

Email [email protected] for more information and details on how to
lose weight.

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