Scrap metal contract awarded

 A contract for the removal of 6,000
tons of baled scrap metal at the George Town Landfill has been awarded to two
local companies and a metal trading company from Hong Kong.

Works Minister Juliana
O’Connor-Connolly said the agreement called for the contractor to pay CI $50
per ton – for a total of $300,000.

Under the arrangement, two local
companies – Cardinal D. Ltd and Pan Caribbean Energy Ltd. – will sell the
scrap to the foreign firm.

Opposition MLA Arden McLean asked
whether the government had given the scrap metal contract to a foreign company.

Mrs. O’Connor-Connolly said
government was actually engaging the two local companies to work with the Hong
Kong firm. She stressed that the contract amount had been paid in advance.

“There’s nothing in any law
preventing government from engaging with a foreign company once due diligence
has been performed,” she said.

Mr. McLean asked whether the Cayman
Islands government would have to pay to bale the scrap.

Minister O’Connor-Connolly said
that it would. However, she said that government already had the $300,000
contract amount.

“That was not the case with the
Matrix contract,” Mrs. O’Connor-Connoly said.

The Cayman Islands government only
received one-fourth of the $1.2 million contract amount from Matrix, a Canadian
company brought in to remove scrap metal from the landfill site in 2007.

At least three local subcontractors
claimed they got shorted on the deal. Government was eventually forced to
cancel the Matrix contract. 

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