United States Embassy moves to paperless visa system

The US Embassy in Kingston announces that as of Wednesday, 24 March,
it will accept only online visa applications, doing away with the paper-based
forms familiar to applicants.

The change does not affect the
non-immigrant visa application process, advises an embassy press release.

 On 24 March, use of the new form becomes mandatory
and the US Embassy will no longer accept printed DS-156 non-immigrant visa
applications. Form DS-160, the new electronic form, will be available on the
embassy website www.kingston.usembassy.gov
beginning this Thursday, 4 March for optional use by applicants.  Applicants are encouraged to begin using the
new DS-160 form as soon as it becomes available.

The new DS-160 form, which replaces
the current paper-based DS-156 non-immigrant visa application, must be
completed and sent online and the information on the application will be
electronically transmitted to the US Embassy. 
The new system is expected to improve efficiency, accuracy, and security
for all visa applicants. 

Beginning 24 March, non-immigrant
visa applicants need only present at their interviews a printed DS-160
confirmation sheet issued at the time of the electronic filing, their passport
and a visa application fee-paid receipt from any National Commercial Bank
Jamaica branch.

 The transition to the DS-160 online form will
not change any other portion of the current non-immigrant visa application
process.  Specifically, the processes for
making an appointment and paying the visa application fee will not change and
all applicants will still be interviewed by a consular officer to determine
their qualifications. 

non-immigrant visa applicants should visit the embassy’s website for instructions on the complete visa application process.