Correct postage assures prompt delivery in CI

Editor’s Note: Cayman Free Press is working in conjunction with the
Cayman Islands Postal Service to bring weekly columns to our readers help iron
out some of the issues facing the Post Office and its customers.

Postage is based on weight and your
mail will likely be delayed if it does not have the correct postage.

For instance, if a letter is sent
by airmail to an address in the United Kingdom and has only 75-cents worth of
postage, that letter will be returned to sender due to insufficient postage.
The correct postage for airmail going to the UK and Western Europe is 80-cents
per half ounce.

If you placed the correct postage
for the UK on the envelope but the particular letter was over a half ounce,
this would mean that the correct postage should be $1.60. So again, that mail
would be returned to sender for incorrect postage.

The remedy is to weigh your cards
and envelopes prior to mailing to ensure they will have the correct postage.
You may also speak to the counter staff at the post office about the type of
service you require.

For instance, if you have a package
over four pounds that needs to be delivered within three to five days, or even
if you have more time but are on a tight budget, the counter staff can advise
you of  the best service to fit your
delivery needs and  budget.

It pays to discuss your options up
front with CIPS counter staff.