T.20 points to the future

A major tourism debate involving
government ministers and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has made
a series of recommendations for the future.

The T.20 ministers’ meeting was
held in Johannesburg
in order to talk about the recovery of the tourism sector and future plans to
create a greener, sustainable industry.

The conclusions of the meeting were
manifold and included recommendations to strengthen the analytical base that
underpins the economic and development case for travel and tourism and to
intensify collaboration to position tourism as a key driver of sustainable
economic and social development.

The document also recommended
enhancing the role of tourism to contribute toward creating new, decent
employment opportunities, boosting trade, renewing infrastructure, and above
all, accelerating ethical and sustainable development, thereby expanding the
reach of the economic benefits of tourism to a larger segment of the world


The recommendations went on to read
that it was important to continue to examine broad international economic frameworks
that have a significant impact on global tourism development and to increase
cooperation between countries, working closely with stakeholders, with a view
to facilitating international movement of tourists, addressing restrictive
travel barriers, and fostering mutual understanding and collaboration.

Finally, partnerships within the
international community including trade, labour, national government and
regional organisations should be engaged in order to, “advance tourism’s role
in stimulating the global economy, enhancing employment, creating decent jobs,
alleviating poverty, supporting development, and transforming progressively
into a greener, more sustainable economy,” according to the document.

The T.20 ministers’ meeting was a
member-driven initiative. The second T.20 meeting is likely to take place in
the Republic of Korea before November, with an exact
date yet to be announced.