Jan Jenkins’ emotional me-moir

 If you were a
vibrant, accomplished college senior who mysteriously disappeared, would your
family trust that the police would launch a full-scale investigation? You might
be surprised.

Author Jan
Jenkins will be at Books & Books on Friday, 12 March, 7pm for a discussion
and signing of her memoir Footprints of Courage: Our Family’s Struggle for
Justice. This event is free and open to the public.

On 1 November,
2002, Steve, Jan, and Sara Jenkins discovered that their son and brother,
Chris, had not been seen since the previous night. They also learned that the
Minneapolis police would not initiate a search until 72 hours had passed
because Chris was over eighteen years old.

Written with
exceptional candor and shocking detail, Footprints
of Courage is the first look inside the tragic and untold saga of the
Chris Jenkins murder investigation undertaken by the family who loved him.

parents and sister took extraordinary measures to force the truth into the
light, including securing the assistance of global leaders in water rescue and
recovery, appearing dozens of times on local and national newscasts describing
how Chris may have died, even analyzing autopsy and recovery photos for clues –
the list of steps they were forced to take on their own initiative is endless.

disappearance captivated a city, and then a nation, when the public learned
that dozens of young men in the preceding 12 years had met a similar fate.
While pushing to unravel the mystery of his murder, Chris’s courageous family
paved the way for federal involvement in the possible serial homicides of more
than 70 victims.

Before their
tragic loss the Jenkins family celebrated the new millennium in Grand Cayman. They instantly fell in love with the island
and Chris convinced his parents to purchase a timeshare in East

Although his
family has returned many times since, Chris never made it back to Cayman. Jan
says the memories of their first visit wash up every time she steps onto the
beach; memories of Chris and his first love collecting conch shells; memories
that Jan will keep forever.

About the author

Jan Jenkins is an award-winning leadership consultant who serves a wide range of
clients from small companies to the Fortune 100. As an accomplished speaker,
and mother of Sara and Chris, Jan is uniquely qualified to write her family’s
six-year struggle for justice. She lives in Minnesota with her husband Steve.